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24 Hour Towing Service

You never really know when you may need towing services, but it is always reassuring to know that there are companies near you that offer 24 Hour Towing services. Portland Towing & Roadside Service is certainly one of these companies, but we are also a company that offers excellent customer service, as well as affordable rates.  Keep our numbers handy just in case you find yourself requiring towing services.

Benefits of 24 Hour Towing

Knowing that there is a towing service available 24 Hours is reassuring, especially if you have to travel at night, or you use your vehicle for business trips, or you are going on vacation with your family. Being prepared for any type of emergency when traveling is important, and that is why we do ask people to keep our numbers handy. 24 Hour Towing gives you some peace of mind, knowing that if anything should happen that you have reliable services ready to help you out.  24 Hour Towing is also essential in cases of a vehicle accident. Sadly accidents are a part of life that can happen at any time, but knowing that you can be assisted is useful. 24 Hour Towing means that we are available all day and all night, so if you need help it doesn't matter what time it is, we will send out our technicians to you. 24 Hour Towing; means that you get a quick response, so you don't have to wait for assistance.

Our Services

When you call Portland Towing & Roadside Service for our 24 Hour Towing Service, there are some things that you can expect from us, and our tow truck drivers. We are professionals, and we care about our clients, so we will not charge you hefty amounts for our towing service.  We offer quality towing services 24 Hours a day. Our drivers are all trained and know how to safely tow your vehicle without causing damage to it.  All of our tow trucks are high quality as well. When our professionals reach you, they will first make sure that you and your passengers are safe before anything else. The most important thing is getting you safely out of the way and either getting your car running or towing it for you. If your vehicle requires towing we will either be using our tow trucks or if you have a modern expensive vehicle we can use our flatbed or rollback to safely tow it for you. We also arrange for transport for your passengers if needed.

Why choose us?

Portland Towing & Roadside Service is proud of being a business that genuinely cares about the well-being of people.  Our tow truck drivers are friendly and helpful. We handle towing with care and respect for your property. Our response time is quick and efficient. This means you will never have to sit on the side of the road for hours waiting for towing service.  With our 24-hour Towing Service, you can be guaranteed that you will be properly taken care of.


We genuinely care about the well-being of all of our clients; so we are not looking to make huge amounts off of our customers. We do charge reasonable prices for our 24 Hour Towing Service. Our prices do vary depending on the size of the vehicle and then the tow vehicle that we will have to use to safely tow your vehicle. A rollback or flatbed tow truck will be more expensive but is sometimes required depending on the type of vehicle that we need to tow.

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