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Full Wrecker Service

Portland Towing & Roadside Service is the best full-service towing company in Portland. We offer a range of towing services which include full wrecker towing services. Our dispatchers and our drivers are always friendly, helpful, and empathetic when assisting our clients. Call us today if you require full wrecker services.

Our Full Wrecker Service

We realize that when we receive calls from clients, it is usually because of some type of emergency. Our dispatchers take every call seriously and will provide you with the accurate details as well as dispatching a tow truck to you quickly. Our full wrecker service means that we are prepared to tow any size vehicle for you. Regardless of how bad the accident was, we can take care of your vehicle and get it transported for you. Our drivers have years of experience and because of that, they can operate the tow trucks and wreckers efficiently.  This enables them to help all motorists that they want and need.

Why use a wrecker truck?

When you have been involved in a vehicle accident, it is common for pieces of your vehicle to have fallen off.  With our full wrecker service, we can load the vehicle, and all of its parts onto our truck so that it gets transported at once. At the accident scene, the vehicle must be safely and effectively removed, so the vehicle has to be safely hooked up to the wrecker truck; or else it can cause problems while transporting it.

Why choose us?

Portland Towing & Roadside Service offers reliable towing for any size vehicle. We also effectively assist at accident scenes by removing the vehicle and clearing the scene of vehicle parts if they have fallen off because of the accident. Our operators have years of experience and skills when it comes to full wrecker services. You can trust them to transport the vehicles safely. We will also ensure that the vehicle arrives at the destination that you have chosen. Our operators are always friendly, polite, caring, and professional. We also offer 24-hour towing services, so it does not matter when you require full wrecker services. We pride ourselves on our immediate and prompt response. When you hire us for full wrecker services, you can expect fast, reliable, and professional services from our dispatcher and our tow truck operators.

Is it expensive?

Unfortunately, none of us budget for a vehicle accident and towing services. So, if you don't have insurance then this will be an expense that you will need to pay for. However, Portland Towing & Roadside Service will keep their rates reasonable at all times. For full wrecker services, we do charge slightly more compared to our light-duty towing services. This is because, during full wrecker services, we may need to recover the vehicle from difficult positions. We also remove and transport the entire vehicle in one trip, which could cost more if it was done on several trips.  We also use larger tow trucks such as a flatbed or rollback which does mean a slightly higher rate.

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