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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

Whenever you need heavy-duty towing, you can call Portland Towing & Roadside Service. Heavy-duty towing requires the right type of equipment to effectively tow away larger vehicles.  We also have rotator trucks to handle awkward vehicles that need towing.  We can assist with these services at reasonable rates for all of our clients.

Heavy Duty Services

With our heavy-duty services, we effectively handle your heavy-duty towing requirements, meaning that we can tow anything from industrial equipment, buses, large trucks, and other types of vehicles. Heavy-duty towing refers to the towing of large equipment, commercial vehicles such as trucks, large trailers, rigs, and motorhomes. So, regardless of what you need to tow, with our heavy-duty towing services we can assist you.  Our tow truck operators know how to professionally and effectively handle all of your heavy-duty towing requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy-duty towing service.

Rotator Service

You might be wondering what a rotator service is exactly, and what is used to carry out this service. Let us take a look at this section. A rotator truck is a heavy-duty truck that has a crane. A rotator truck allow us to easily navigate tight spaces. A rotator truck can be especially useful when there has been an accident, and the roads have been closed off to prevent other vehicles from coming through the area, with our rotator truck, our tow truck drivers can safely and effectively remove your vehicle from a dangerous situation or scene of an accident. With our rotator service, we are capable of recovering large vehicles such as trucks and trailers from accident scenes.

Benefits of heavy-duty and rotator services

When a large vehicle is involved in an accident, there is no point in sending a small tow truck to try recovering and towing the vehicle. Heavy duty and rotator services are certainly required in situations like this. By using heavy-duty and rotator services we can clear the accident scene quicker by removing large vehicles. This is especially beneficial if the road has been closed to traffic because of the accident. Heavy-duty services can also be used to recover large vehicles that may have fallen over by using the rotator truck. A large vehicle fallen in a ditch will also require heavy-duty services. By using these services, the task at hand will be completed quickly and effectively without causing any more damage.

Why use us?

When you require heavy-duty and rotator services you do need professionals who know what they are doing. Not just any towing company that says that they can do these services and end up causing more damage. Portland Towing and Roadside Service have years of experience with this type of towing. We also have qualified tow truck drivers who are dedicated to different types of towing.  They go out of their way to ensure that the task at hand is done safely, efficiently, and without any more damage being done to your vehicle.

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