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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

If you ever end up in a difficult situation where your vehicle has landed off of the road, and you require help getting your vehicle out of the problematic spot you can rely on us to do this for you. When your vehicle has been seriously damaged in an accident, a rollback tow truck may be needed to move and transport your vehicle. Portland Towing & Roadside Service offers winch-out and rollback services at reasonable prices.

Winch Outs

Winch-out services are required when your vehicle has tumbled off of the road and landed in a difficult spot where you cannot get your vehicle out. If your vehicle is stuck in the mud, sand, or down a hill, we can use our winch-out services to get your car safely out and back on the road. Our professional tow truck drives are qualified to carry out this service, by using the appropriate protocols and equipment. So no matter where your vehicle has landed, we will be able to assist you. Just call us, and we will respond quickly and professionally. 

Rollback Service

When you have had a vehicle accident, and your vehicle has been damaged badly, sometimes the safest way to move it is by using a rollback service. Our rollback tow trucks are equipped with the best equipment, which helps us to transport vehicles efficiently. Rollback tow trucks have the advantage of being able to efficiently roll vehicles up the bed of the truck, and afterward, the vehicle is secured on the bed, and the vehicle can be transported to a destination without the vehicle ever touching the road. Rollback services can also be used to transport your RV's, motorcycles, or your special collection of classic cars or show cars that you don't want to be driven. Our rollback services are available for transporting any type of vehicle.

Why choose us

When you require winch-outs or rollback service, you need a reliable company that is also professional; Portland Towing & Roadside Service is all of that and so much more. We offer friendly, efficient winch out and rollback services and at affordable prices. As soon as you call us, we dispatch qualified tow truck drivers who will arrive to assist you by either getting your vehicle out of a tough spot or transporting your accident-damaged vehicle. You can trust us to help you in every way during these times. Call us today for all of your towing needs.


Usually, when you find yourself with your vehicle stuck in sand, mud, or down a hill or you were involved in an accident, you dread the costs involved. At Portland Towing & Roadside Service we genuinely want to offer services to clients in difficult situations. That is why we keep our prices reasonable at all times.  If you are insured, we submit invoices to the insurance company. If you are not insured, we will send our invoices directly to you. Our services vary in price, and we will discuss them with you when you require our services.

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