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Portland Towing & Roadside Service

24 Hour Towing


When you drive a vehicle, you never know when it may break down or when you may find yourself involved in an accident. When things like this do happen, you will require trustworthy services from a reputable business. Portland Towing & Roadside Service is very proud to be a towing business that not only offers a variety of services but professional and affordable towing and roadside services. Keep our numbers nearby for experienced and trustworthy towing.

About Us

Portland Towing & Roadside Service is a business that has built its way up by being trustworthy, honest, and professional at all times. We have hired the best individuals who genuinely care for people, and that goes out of their way to assist people when they find themselves with car problems. We want to be known as the company that genuinely cares.

tire of black car

Our Services

We offer a variety of towing services for our clients. Find yourself locked out of your vehicle? Call us for roadside assistance. Involved in an accident? Call us for our rollback services? Stuck in the mud? No problem, we offer winch-out services. These are just a few of the services that we offer. Below we have listed our services as well as a brief description of our services; which will help you decide which service you require.

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24 Hour Towing Service

Portland Towing and Roadside Service offer 24 Hour Towing services, this is so helpful when you are stuck at night or have been in an accident at night. Nobody wants to wait until morning to be assisted as this can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Our tow truck drivers are available 24 hours a day, and we will always respond to your call for help immediately.

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Roadside Assistance

Run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere? Your vehicle won't start, and you need a batter jumpstart? Locked your keys in the car by accident? All of these things can and do happen to the best of us, and when they do we will require roadside assistance. We offer cheap yet professional roadside assistance; all you need to do is call us!

damaged car in the grass

Full Wrecker Service

Portland Towing & Roadside Service offers full wrecker services that are reliable, effective, and safe. Usually, when a bad vehicle accident has happened, a vehicle may end up in a field, or down a hill, or in part in the road; this will require full wrecker services to remove the entire vehicle from the scene.

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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

When you need heave duty or rotator services, you can rely on us! We have the right equipment and skilled operators to assist you. We carry out these services safely and efficiently. We can tow any type of vehicle, including industrial equipment, buses, and even large-sized trucks. Call us for professional heavy-duty and rotator services today!

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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

So your car has landed down a hill or is stuck in a problem area, and you cannot get it out, don't stress! Just call us, and we will assist you. Our drivers have years of experience when it comes out to winch-outs and rollback services. Our rollback services are usually required when the vehicle has been in an accident and is so damaged that the only way to transport it is on a rollback tow truck. Many clients also use our rollback services to transport their prized show vehicles, because they don't want the vehicle to be driven. These services are always carried out by drivers who have the experience and the skills to carefully load your vehicle.

black car in the towing truck

Tow Truck Service

You never really know when you will require a tow truck service, but when you do, you will want a reliable towing company that offers professional and trustworthy towing. Portland Towing & Roadside Service offers to tow for all types of vehicles, and our prices are always reasonable.

“One night while traveling for business, I had to pull over because I felt the one tire was flat. At first, I wasn't worried about it, as I do know how to change a tire. But when I went to take the spare tire out, I realized that the spare was also flat! At that point, I realized I had not prepared for this trip properly at all. Not sure what to do and did not know who to call, I began to panic. Then I remembered that my wife had stored Portland Towing and Roadside Services' numbers on my phone. I immediately called the number and was so relieved when a friendly dispatcher answered my call. I explained my situation, and within a short time, I was assisted by a professional tow truck driver. I am so grateful for their 24 Hour Service and roadside assistance. Thank you so much!"- Michael T

Ï needed to go to work one morning, and when I went to start my vehicle it wouldn't start. My husband had already gone to work, so he wasn't able to help me. I decided to go online and find roadside assistance. I came across Portland Towing & Roadside Service and gave them a call. After telling them my problem, they sent out roadside assistance for me even though I was at home. The battery was flat, and they did a battery jump for me. They were so efficient that I managed to arrive at work on time. Their rates were also so reasonable. This business is impressive, and I now keep their numbers available at all times. Thank you!"- Kayla B

"I never thought I would find myself involved in a car accident, sadly one day it happened. Luckily no one was hurt too badly, but my vehicle was badly damaged. At the accident scene, Portland Towing & Roadside Service was called to come and tow the vehicles. When the driver arrived he introduced himself and inquired about my family and me, which was amazing. They truly care about other people. The professional driver then took a look at my car and suggested that their rollback be used to transport my vehicle. I agreed, and they carefully loaded my vehicle. Thank you for caring and professional service!”- Timothy R

Call Us Today

On our website, we have included our contact numbers, so that you can call us for any towing service that you may require. For services that don't require immediate towing or assistance, such as transporting your show vehicles on a rollback, you can send us an email with your name, contact details, and a description of the service that you require. We offer 24 hours towing and roadside assistance so that means we need to be available at all times, so that is why we have also put mobile numbers on our website. We cannot wait to offer you professional towing and roadside services!